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When Shopify asked Clearleft to design a theme for their theme store, we saw this as a great opportunity to provide people with a well designed, responsive theme with an affordable price tag.

Shopify already has over 100 professionally designed themes available through their theme store, so our challenge was to make sure that our theme would offer something different to the others. We saw this as the perfect chance to design a responsive theme that adapts to different devices, looking and functioning great on mobile devices and desktops alike. We also decided to design a theme that is tailored for medium to large shops. These larger shops typically require multiple levels of navigation and different ways to categorise products.

After spending some time researching existing online shops, our team began creating a set of wireframes. These wireframes were designed from a user experience perspective and outlined proposed layouts and structure. This was quickly turned into an interactive prototype that enabled us to test the responsive layout and core functionality before moving onto the visual design.

With the visual design, we had a completely blank canvas giving us a lot of creative freedom. However, we wanted to ensure that this theme offered something for everyone and decided to create four preset styles that would ship with the theme. As such, we chose a minimal style, a classic style, a bright & funky style, and a grungy style. With the inclusion of stylish web typography from Fontdeck, the resulting theme is versatile enough to be applied to a wide range of shop types, straight off the cuff.

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