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Amnesty International has hundreds of projects running simultaneously throughout the world, of which need to be coordinated, funded and prioritised. Clearleft was brought in to improve radically improve the usability of the web application used to access and control these projects.

The existing management interface was complicated, awkward to use and in serious of simplification without sacrificing power features. Clearleft undertook usability testing and research with range of Amnesty staff to gauge the problems and determine priorities.

Clearleft then redesigned the interface by first iterating on an interactive prototype. We gradually integrated a strongly typographic visual design and created a robust HTML/CSS/JavaScript system for integration into the back end systems.

The result was a slick, quick and easy to use tool. We moved esoteric features out of the way (keeping them easy to access), highlighted the common tools and worked in some nifty time-saving interactions. We topped off the redesign by creating a dashboard to speed up users’ access to key information. The redesign universally received great feedback from Amnesty staff users.

What Clearleft did