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Who we are

Clearleft is a world-class team of designers and creative technologists. We’ve made it our goal to advance the field of user experience through our writing, conferences and the quality of our work. This is why we’ve gained a reputation as one of the most experienced UX consultancies working today.

Alumni: Natalie Downe, Paul Annett, Cennydd Bowles, Sophie Barrett, Andy Hume, Michelle O’Loughlin, and Rifa Thorpe-Tracey.

Our approach

User centered

We solve problems through constant discovery, iteration and testing. We work in collaboration with our clients, seeing ourselves as design facilitators rather than dictators, leaving our clients with solutions and systems that stand the test of time.

Lean and flexible

We prefer to solve design problems rather than document them, so we often sketch and prototype solutions rather than spend hours in Visio. Some people call this Guerrilla UX but we simply think of it as smart design.

A safe pair of hands

We’ve worked with everybody from start-ups to established online businesses, international charities to big media companies. Clearleft aren’t just an amazing design agency, but an incredibly safe pair of hands too.

A small team, perfectly formed

We only hire the very best and would never dream of fobbing you off with an inexperienced designer. We believe it’s important to build a relationship with the designers working on your project, so no account handlers will get in the way either.

A near obsession over quality

We’re not happy unless a project fulfils its potential. We might spend more time on projects than others, but we believe this extra investment is worth it. It’s this unique combination of versatility, quality and design thinking that helps ensure the success of each and every project.

Experienced consultants

We speak about user experience and design at conferences and events around the globe, including our very own. You’ll often find articles written by members of our team in popular magazines, and a few of us have even published our own books.

If you have an interesting design problem to solve, let us know.

Brighton Pavilion

Where we work

Brighton, nestled on the sunny south coast of England, is our home. It is vibrant, diverse and inspiring in a way most cities can only wish for. We are surrounded by friends who work in the same industry, with bars and restaurants to rival anything in London. We have a royal palace modelled on the Taj Mahal and we can eat our sandwiches on the beach anytime we feel like it.

Photo by Andrew Nesbitt