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What we do

A Post-it note with 'usability' written on it We’ve made it our mission to help organisations improve existing products or create new ones through research, strategy and design. Using our knowledge of human behaviour, we create digital experiences that are easy and delightful to use. Here are just a few of the ways we achieve this.

Design Research

Understanding your users

You can’t solve problems until you know what they are. Our varied research tools help us gain important insights into the needs and motivations of your users. Techniques range from stakeholder interviews and usability tests through to more comprehensive ethnographic studies.

Developing a product strategy

The success of a project is often determined in the first few weeks. Working with your team we’ll help define a clear product strategy, set design guidelines and develop a clear content strategy and feature roadmap. We will then use this to guide every design decision we make, ensuring the final product meets your objectives.

Generating ideas

The first idea is rarely the best. This is why we take the role of design facilitator, working with your team to generate as many ideas as possible. After a series of creative workshops involving brainstorming, design games and other co-design activities, we’ll help you evaluate these ideas and turn them into the perfect experience.

Interaction Design

Prototyping and testing your product

Building a new digital product can be expensive and time consuming. This is why we test and prototype solutions before they go into production. We do this by sketching our ideas and building interactive prototypes to test on real users. This way we can find and fix problems or spot new opportunities before a single line of back-end code has been written, saving you time, money and missed opportunities.

Planning out every detail

Websites and web applications have become so complex, users can often struggle with the most basic activities. This is why our specialists in usability, information architecture and interaction design map out the entire experience, ensuring your users can achieve their goals simply and easily. Through a variety of deliverables including site-maps, user-flows and detailed wireframes, no interaction is left to chance.

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Interface Design

Products that last

It’s important to create products that last. This is why we invest more time than most agencies in crafting elegant, modular code. We’re experts in the latest front-end technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, and we know how to use these in a way that makes them easier to implement and maintain, saving you money in the long term.

Beautiful design, to the core

UX design doesn’t finish with a wireframe, so we’ve made it our business to craft beautiful interfaces that your users will love. This isn’t style over substance—every design decision we make is there for a purpose, be that setting a tone, improving legibility, or driving a call to action. In short, good interface design is the key to a great user experience.

Analyse, iterate and improve

The launch of a website is the beginning of the story, not the end. It’s important to continually monitor your progress and look for opportunities to optimise or improve your product. We can work with you to tweak your site usability, improve conversion rates and add new features. More importantly we can help you develop a clear product roadmap so you’re driving the product rather than the product driving you.

If you have an interesting design problem to solve, let us know.

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We offer a range of website ‘health check’ services for our clients. This is sometimes prior to a new site launch or a redesign, but often as a standalone service.

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We speak about user experience and design at events around the globe, including our very own conferences and workshops. You’ll often find articles written by members of our team in popular magazines, and a few of us have even published our own books.



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